BSS Profile

Company name : Bangkok Special Steel Co., Ltd.       

Registered capital : 300 million baht  

Company establishment  : June 2, 1992 

Kwang Guan Seng Chan Ltd. was established in 1971 by Ms. Ratchanee and Mr. Supat Patanasirimongkol as an importer and distributor of high quality special steel from around the world.  With 1.2 million baht authorized capital, the limited partnership was aimed to support the expansion of various industries in Thailand at that time.  Later, with continuous growth, the partnership firm converted into a limited company called Bangkok Special Steel.


Bangkok Special Steel Company Limited, with 5 million bath authorized capital, was founded in 1992 by 3 co-founders including Ms. Ratchanee, Mr. Supat and Mr. Suvit Patanasirimongkol.  In 2005, BSS authorized capital was increased to 300 million bath.  The company mission is to supply high quality and wide range of steel products to middle-sized to heavy industries. With 20 years of experience, professional staffs, hi-tech machines, and large variety of stock, all customers' requirements will be fulfilled.

Bangkok Special Steel Co., Ltd.

Large Warehouse

Special Size of Special Steel

Finished Plate

Gas Cutting Machine(Microcomputer controlled)

Band Saw Cutting Machine

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